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DS year end exam review on June 16th Sunday  and Exam will be held on 23rd Sunday.

DS Poson celebration on July 6th Saturday from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm at Lee Field Community Hall. 

DS next year registration will open Mid-July. 


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Special Notice: Spring bottle drive fundraiser

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Special Notice:

We are planning to conduct our spring bottle drive fundraiser on April 27th Saturday. As a preparation, we like all parents to invite collect bottles cans and any refundable deposit applicable products at their own residence and deliver to the temple at anytime. We have enough storage space to store collected bottles at the temple premises.

සිංහල පන්තිය ආරම්භ කිරීම, Starting of Sinhala language class

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ආරම්භක දිනය- 2018-09-23

වේලාව - සවස 4:20

පන්තිය පවත්වන කාලය - විනාඩි 45 ( දරුවන්ගේ, දෙමාපියන්ගේ හා ගුරුභවතුන්ගේ කැමැත්ත අනුව පසුව වෙනස්කළ හැකිය)

ස්ථානය - මෙනෝනයිට් දේවස්ථානය 91 වන මාවත


Starting date : 23rd Sep 2018

Time : 4:20 PM

Length of the class : 45 minutes (with feedbacks and interest of students, parents and teachers the length of the class can be adjusted)

Venue : The First Mennonite Church at 91st ST

Please register your child to Dhamma School

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Dear Parents,

Please register your child to Dhamma School by complete the following online form: 2018/19 Dhamma School Registration Form

Please pass this information to your friends and families.

Location:  First Mennonite Church (3650 91 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6P1).

If you need any more information. You can reach me at 780 405 0163 or dhammaschool@abva.org.

Please sign up for your Dhamma School Puja Preparation and Cleanup Commitment

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Dear Parents,

Snack Offering Program, Cleaning the facility after the session and bring flowers and offerings to the Buddha puja.

We would like to continue snack program similar to previous years and encourage families to bring healthy snacks to children after Dhamma classes. Cleaning the facility after the Dhamma School Session also really important. We would like to give a family an opportunity to bring snacks and clean the facility on each Dhamma School days. That family also need to bring flowers and offerings for the Buddha Puja at the beginning of each Dhamma School day.

Please sign up for your Dhamma School Puja Preparation and Cleanup Commitment by clicking the link.  

We really appreciate your continuous support regarding this and without your great support we cannot successfully continue this valuable program.

Please email or call me if you need any more information. You can reach me at 780 405 0163 or dhammaschool@abva.org.

2018-19 Dhamma School Shedule

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Dates/Months Activity 
Sep 16 Teaching 
Sep 23 Teaching 
Sep 30 Teaching 
Oct 7 Thanksgiving holiday No Classes
Oct 14 Teaching 
Oct 21 Teaching 
Oct 28 Teaching 
Nov 4 Teaching 
Nov 11 No Classes - Katina Ceremony
Nov 18 Teaching 
Nov 25 Teaching 
Dec 2 Teaching 
Dec 9 Teaching 
Dec 16 Teaching 
Dec 23 Teaching 
Dec 30 Winter Break 
Jan 6 Teaching 
Jan 13 Teaching 
Jan 20 Teaching 
Jan 27 Teaching 
Feb 3 Teaching 
Feb 10 Teaching 
Feb 17 Teaching 
Feb 24 Teaching 
Mar 3 Teaching 
Mar 10 Teaching 
Mar 17 Teaching 
Mar 24 Teaching 
Mar 31 Spring Break No Classes
Apr 7 New Year  Celebration 
Apr 14 Meditation and practice day
Apr 21 Long Weekend Holiday
Apr 28 Teaching 
May 5 Vesak Children's Sil Program
May 12 Teaching 
May 19 Long Weekend Holiday
May 26 Teaching 
June 2 Teaching 
June 9 Teaching 
June 16 Teaching 
June 23 Exam Review 
June 30 First term exam
July 6 Poson Celebration

Bakthi Geetha sound track and lyrics

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Please download "Bakthi Geetha" sound track and lyrics from here.

New Dhamma School Shedule

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